Light is in constant dance with the world around us.  A perpetually changing palette, different every moment, never to be exactly the same ever again. Fleeting moments to be observed, appreciated and with any luck … captured through the lens.
Photography has been a passion since childhood. In my early career newspaper photography and writing were my focus. Now I'm concentrating on architectural images, figurative nudes and glamour photography in color and monochrome.
I use photography as my means of self-expression – I make pictures for myself, to identify with hidden qualities of my character, to better understand my reality, and to express my interpretation of the world around me. My goal is to use my camera like Alice’s rabbit hole, to open unexplored worlds, a place of curious self-expression, and also a world of new relationships, new chances, new beginnings and - most importantly - new stories.
Now that I'm in the Williamsburg  area I’ve fallen in love with natural light and locations. I am inspired to compose by the contrast of light and dark, while I use the changing light of day to arouse the mood of my dreams. My recent portfolio concentrates on taking the next step toward bringing candidness to my work. The opportunity to photograph skillful and photogenic models on multiple occasions in a variety of settings is far from repetitive; just the opposite. The art from each session reveals new layers and depths.
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Model Information & Releases
If you'll be modeling for one of my projects you'll be asked to sign a photo release at the end of the session. You may also be asked to provide proof of age. 
The quality of the photographs in your portfolio can make a difference. Many can photograph beautiful women. Few can photograph women beautifully.
If you're in or near Williamsburg and interested in creating new and exciting images that capture the beauty and sensuality of women in a  tasteful manner let's schedule an art session. Models will receive high resolution and web jpegs, not RAW files or unedited images. If you're interested in a portfolio-building shoot, I will require a modest payment that covers my studio costs. Only full nude and implied nude modeling will be considered. Exceptional models will be offered cash compensation. 

David Janoff

Thank you for taking the time to visit my online gallery. I appreciate your comment.David
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