"The more one looks, the more one sees. And the more one sees, the better one knows where to look."
 Tielhard de Chardin 
Light is in constant dance with the world around us.  A perpetually changing palette, different every moment, never to be exactly the same ever again. Fleeting moments to be observed, appreciated and with any luck … captured through the lens.
Photography has been a passion since childhood. In my early career newspaper photography and writing were my focus. Now I'm concentrating on architectural images, figurative nudes and glamour photography in color and monochrome.
​​​​​​​Here in Williamsburg  I concentrate on natural light and locations. One of the models with whom I've worked a number of times here is Augusta Monroe, who was a Model Mayhem model of the month in 2021If you'll be modeling for one of my projects you'll be asked to sign a photo release at the end of the session. You may also be asked to provide proof of age. 

David Janoff

Thank you for your interest in my photography. I'll be in touch.
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